Severe Flooding Prods Albanians to Action

flood1Recent floods have forced hundreds of people from their homes in Albania in what many are saying is the worst flooding in decades. Some 600 families have been evacuated in four southern districts in Albania after flooding covered more than 17,000 hectares (42,000 acres) and killed about 3,500 sheep and cattle. Many Albanians lost their homes and personal belongings leaving them with little or nothing in their possession.

food drive2As a result, the Albanian government, along with many organizations have stepped up to help in many ways they can by assisting with evacuation, the provision of food, clothing, and temporary shelter. Food Bank Albania is one such organization that helped by initiating a weekend-long food drive at participating Carrefour hipermarkets in Tirana.

food drive1Many people came out to volunteer their time serving as greeters and organizers of food packages. Hundreds of shoppers participated by purchasing food items such as:  flour, sugar, macaroni, rice, oil, tomato sauce, and a variety of canned goods. As if the news isn’t good enough, almost two tons of food was collected and many bags of clothing were provided.

On Thursday, the food that was collected over the weekend was then sent out to the various agencies involved in the distribution of food to those effected by the floods. Thanks to the efforts of both volunteers and food donors, many Albanians now have access to food that was otherwise unavailable to them.

We at Food Bank Albania wish to thank all of those who volunteered their time this weekend. Your service will make a difference in the lives of many people who needed help.

FBA thank you 2