Happy World Food Day

At the food bank we have a reason to celebrate almost every day. Almost every day we send out food and free meals to the people in need in our country, to north and south, to east and west. We know that this food we give out, or should we better say, the food that YOU give out, brings nutrition and care to those that are less fortunate than us.

Just yesterday, we were donated a van, a vehicle that we really needed from almost one year now. We celebrated this milestone as three times more fresh food will be saved in a monthly basis starting from next week. It is real, it is here. And we are ready to go starting from the coming week.

But today, we have yet another reason to celebrate. It is World Food Day today. And we are reminded of the importance of treating our beloved earth with respect. This is because when food is wasted, all the energy that went into making that food is wasted; electric or mechanical energy used, human force, transportation costs are

all wasted with that. But not only; a tiny bit of pollution was emitted when that food was made. This pollution, coupled with the pollution that is created from methane gas emitted from the rotting of that food makes it hard on our earth. And think about all that waste, while that food never reached someone’s table.

This is why we do what we do. It really is stupid to waste. If food waste was a country, it would be the third largest country in the world. Moreover, food waste uses about 25% of the entire world’s fresh water supply.

So, today we celebrate. We reflect on our impact on the planet. We also see the potential in front of us, bringing nutrition and dignity to those who are less fortunate than us. Happy World Food Day!