Food Bank Albania’s Year in Review (2015)

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As we start the new year, it is the perfect opportunity to look back on 2015. In collaboration with FEBA (European Federation of Food Banks), Food Bank Albania launched several new programs and continued to expand its operations to reach more families and individuals in need. Here are some of the highlights of last year’s projects.

Food Bank Albania continues to expand its operations and distribute more food to needy families and individuals. In 2015, thanks to the generosity of donors the food bank was able to distribute approximately 18 tons of food. This more than doubles the amount of food that was distributed in 2014! As in previous years, all food donations are distributed by the food bank’s partner organizations and are given to families and individuals living below the poverty line. This increase makes a huge difference to families struggling with hunger!

school collaboration2015 was a year for collaboration with local agencies. During the year, Food Bank Albania’s
school project expanded to four Albanian cities: Tirana, Korҫa, Elbasan, and Shkodër. Food Bank staff presented information about food banks to students and asked them to participate in a food drive by collecting food at their schools. Food Bank Albania plans to continue working with students in the coming year to raise awareness of poverty and hunger in Albania. The food bank also began collaborating with two other soup kitchens in Tirana by providing them with food.

An ambitious initiative undertaken in 2015 was the winter project. This project will provide food for 250 Albanian families from December 2015 until March 2016. This assistance during the coldest months of the year will make it a bit easier for these families to get through until spring. Families supported include single mothers, Roma, people with disabilities, and families involved in blood feuds.

In December, Food Bank Albania conducted food drives on two weekends. Shoppers at two Carrefour hypermarkets and five Eco Market supermarkets were able to buy food to donate to the food bank and drop their donations off with volunteers as they left the store. These food drives collected 5 tons of food along with donations of clothing and needed personal hygiene items. This generosity is critical to the food bank’s mission!

projekti shqiptaretDecember was also the month of the food bank’s “Projekti “Shqiptaret per Shqiptaret” (Project Albanians for Albanians). In conjunction with the Dutch and United States embassies, the Belgian consulate, businesses, NGOs, and foreign donors Food Bank Albania collected food and clothing donations for distribution to needy families around the country.

Food Bank Albania is thankful for a successful 2015 and thankful for the opportunity to impact the lives of so many people. Most importantly, the food bank is thankful for the continued support and generosity of our donors and collaborators. Without the contributions of people and organizations, the food bank would not be able to continue its work. With your help, Food Bank Albania is looking forward to an even more successful 2016!