Application for Partners

In order to ensure food quality, when Partners apply for an agreement with Food Bank Albania, the subject must fill in the following table and provide the following information before receiving deliveries:

Name of Subject/Institution:


Legal address and contact:

Please attach copies of the decision of the court, statute, NIPT, and other legal documentation of the organisation (max size 4mb per file).
File 1:
File 2:
File 3:
File 4:
File 5:
Valid file types: JPG, JPEG, DOC, DOCX, PDF, GIF, PNG, XLS, XLSX

Names, addresses and contact numbers of the people responsible for communicating with Food Bank Albania:

Field of activity, groups for whom the application is made (not names, surnames):

Places where the subject carries activities:

Number of families and people whom the application is made for:

Number of volunteers your organisation can provide for our bi-monthly campaigns:

Are you interested in being involved in food campaigns in your geographical area?

Storage capabilities of the subject:

Number, volume or surface:
Space which is safe from moisture, rats, insects: YesNo
Available refrigerator for cooling? If so, how much space? YesNo
Freezer YesNo
Refrigerating box YesNo
Car Fridge YesNo

Please wait a minute or two until all documents are uploaded after sending.