Why ‘Food Bank Albania’

Food Bank Albania is the first food bank operating in Albania and the only organization dedicated to redirecting food surpluses for use in the fight against poverty. Since the founding of it, Food Bank Albania partnered with FEBA, the European Food Banks Federation, to operate through food banking principles. This means that our organization is able to collaborate with organizations across Europe to identify best practices and successful strategies.

Within Albania, we operate through partnerships with state institutions, business partners and nonprofit organizations. Our network of connections enables us to effectively address food waste within the country and help fight poverty in the most vulnerable segments of society.

All the food we distribute is donated. We work with our partners to ensure that we collect high quality and nutritious food. This food is then distributed through our network of partner non-profit organizations. The organizations we work with are directly involved in providing aid to the most needy families and we rely on their expertise to identify where food donations can be most effectively used.

Every family that receives food from Food Bank Albania has an income below the national poverty line.

When you contribute to our programs, you can be sure your donation goes to those most in need. Our network of connections helps us to bring parties from many different backgrounds together in the fight against poverty.

In addition to our food distribution programs, Food Bank Albania works to educate Albanian youth about poverty and food waste. We have an active educational program that encourages students to collect food and to eliminate food waste in their own houses. We believe that actively involving the next generation of Albanian leaders is the best way to ensure that fighting poverty remains a national priority.