Who We Are

Food Bank Albania is a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against poverty and food waste in Albania. We believe our goals can be achieved through solidarity and by raising awareness throughout Albanian society about poverty and food waste.

Poverty reduction and the elimination of food surpluses are two main goals of the organization. In fact, we hope that by redirecting food surpluses to the neediest members of society we can address both challenges at once. By giving food surpluses to needy families we can both reduce the environmental costs of food waste and help struggling families.

To address food surpluses, we work with businesses, institutions and individuals to collect food donations and raise awareness about food waste. To address poverty, we provide food we collect to organizations or the State Social Services involved in the fight against poverty.

Our Values:

  • We work on the basis of solidarity and volunteering
  • We offer food donated by others
  • We provide FREE food only
  • We offer healthy food
  • We are neutral and independent
  • We work with transparency and integrity