Food Contributions

Food contributions are accepted at our office in Tirana. Please contact us prior to your visit at to schedule an appointment. Donations are accepted at our office located in Yzberish, at ‘Ali Jegeni’ street, opposite to the Ish Kombinati ‘Misto Mame’.
If you have a food donation, please keep the following donation terms in mind:
  • Packaging should be sealed and intact.
  • Food may be near its expiration date, but we do not accept expired food. Make sure that all items are within the expiry date.
  • Please be aware that the food bank does not have refrigeration facilities. As a result, we cannot accept food that must be refrigerated.
Some examples of foods and supplies that can be donated to the Food Bank are:
  • bread, pastry products, flour and other grain products
  • cooking oil, sugar, salt, vinegar, sauce, spices
  • soup in packaging
  • mashed potatoes in packing
  • various canned foods
  • canned fruits and vegetables
  • rice, beans, pasta
  • meat and dairy products (milk powder also)
  • foods for pregnant mothers and infants
  • foods for people with diabetes
  • canned fish or meat
  • pudding and cakes – chocolate, biscuits
  • marmalade, jam, chocolate cream, honey
  • teas, coffee, and cocoa
  • juices and sparkling drinks
The Food Bank also accepts donations of household supplies such as cleaning and personal hygiene products. Some examples of accepted items are:
  • toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • soap, shampoo
  • detergent, bleach
  • any other consumer product that is needed monthly