Another earthquake hits Albania, emergency response in action

Recent earthquakes have forced thousands of people from their homes in Albania in what many are saying is the worst earthquake in decades, and are awaiting reports of structural damage. As of recent reporting, 25 people have perished in the ruins, and several hundred injured and in hospitals. Over 500 aftershocks have occurred in the previous 24 hours and many Albanians lost their homes and personal belongings leaving them with little or nothing in their possession.

The Albanian government, along with many organisations in both Tirana and Durres region are helping in many ways they can by providing shelter centres for people to sleep, eat and get assistance. Other organisations are helping with clothing and provisions.  Food Bank Albania is one such organisation that is in the midst of some urgent response action, organising way for NGO’s and institutions to receive and distribute food and ready-to-go meals to those in need.

Many people are helping by volunteering, and are doing their best to reach the areas of need, close to the epi-center of damage. Ongoing search continues to rescue many of those trapped in ruins. This is a time of action and serving. Wherever the need is, Food Bank Albania is trying to quickly respond, and we thank emergency response organizations for their efforts in this matter. Future plans include raising more food for those in need in some food drives and other projects, so that the affected people can get back on their feet and have enough food for a longer time range. In the mean time, we pray for quick recovery and rescue, and for those volunteering. Your service will make a difference in the lives of many people who need help.